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Welcome to Malibu Medical Weight Loss & Nutrition.  
We provide appetite suppresant drug therapy in conjunction with behavioral modification and nutritional programs.  Our goal is to set your mind at ease and provide you with the skills and tools to not only lose weight, but to manage a healthier lifestyle over time.

Appetite Suppressants

Malibu Medical prescribes prescription appetite suppressants that are approved by the FDA for your use.

We generally start clients on a moderate dosage and make adjustments, if needed.  If we find that your initial dosage is not effective, we can either adjust your dosage or completely switch you to a new medication until success is achieved!!! Everyone responds differently and the key is to find out what works best for you.

Lab Work

Our lab package is a comprehensive Metabolic panel, which includes the following test:
Thyroid profile - determines metabolic health.
Lipid profile - tests  cholesterol, and triglycerides.
Lab work is essential because it helps us determine if you will be a safe candidate for pharmaceutical therapy.  Lab work will be repeated after six months as a necessary follow - up procedure.  This enables us to monitor your progress and to ensure your safe continuance with pharmaceutical therapy.

Helpful Tips
  • Take one day at a time!

  • Think Positively!  Everyday is a new day.

  • Plan Ahead!

  • Calories in versus calories out!

  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day totalling 64 oz.

  • Increase daily physical activity by 30 min.

  • Reward yourself with non food insentives.

  • Become a label reader.  Notice calories per serving.

  • Watch your portion sizes.

  • Keep a record of your food intake and exercise.

Exercise Classes

The Exercise classes are beginner level using an exercise ball and our own body weight as resisitence.  They are fun and sure to make you sweat.  It is a great start to your exercise routine.

We will have class at
9:00 am
on days that our office is open for office visits.

Lifestyle Classes

Lifestyle classes are designed to help us make correct lifestyle changes to make our weight loss permanent.  Our lessons are built around 3 main topics...the psycological issues that increase our weight, making exercise part of our lives, and managing the food that goes into our bodies.

We will have class at
10:00 am
on days that our office is open for office visits.

Yoga Classes

The Yoga classes are at a beginning level, focusing on breathing and stretching.
We will have class at
11:00 am
on days our office is open for office visits.


We carry Pharmaceutical grade vitamins.  When "dieting" it is important to take a daily multivitamin.  B12 is great for energy.  In some cases the appetite suppresants can cause constipation, we have an aid called Colon Cleanse, just to name a couple.  These vitamins are not included in the sixty dollar office visit.

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